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Webcast/Teleconference on the topic "Recruitment and Hiring with Constraints and Uncertainty"

Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Description: Webcast/ Teleconference hosted by the US Office of Personnel Management

Are you struggling with the following questions in your organization?

  • How do we plan for recruitment and hiring when RIF's, buy-outs, and budget cuts are the prevailing themes in this environment?
  • As an HR director or Hiring Manager in the field, what do I need to know to be able to communicate my needs with my organization?

  • What are others doing to address recruitment and hiring challenges; what tools are available and how do I access them?

Please register at the provided link to join via webcast or teleconference and listen to a panel of experts provide overviews with an open discussion and take your questions live on February 22, 2012, 2 to 4 PM EST.




  • Carmen Andujar:  Manager, Recruitment Policy & Outreach, Recruitment & Hiring, Employee Services 




  • Angie Bailey:  Associate Director, Employee Services 




  • Sydney Smith-Heimbrock, PhD: Acting Deputy Associate Director, Agency and Veterans Support, Employee Services
  • Harold Welch, PhD: System Manager (Leadership and Knowledge Management), Agency and Program Review, Employee Services
  • Bruce Stewart: Program Manager, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of the Director
  • Pam Galemore: Sr. Human Resources Specialist, Staffing Policy, Recruitment & Hiring, Employee Services
  • Tom Formby: Sr. Federal Recruitment Advisor, Recruitment Policy & Outreach, Recruitment and Hiring, Employee Services