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People on the Move: The ADA and Beyond

Date: Monday, August 20, 2012
Description: Online course on the ADA and beyond with regards to fixed route and paratransit passengers

This free online course provides information on the ADA and beyond with regards to fixed route and paratransit passengers.  The course focuses on topics that directly affect passengers of these services. It addresses issues such as customer service to people with disabilities, customer monitoring and feedback, riding the bus, service animals and more.

Individuals who may find this course useful are:

  • Fixed route and paratransit professionals
  • Fixed route and paratransit passengers
  • Fixed route and paratransit contractors
  • Disability advocates working to improve fixed route and paratransit services

The course is administered online.  Learners may complete this course at their own pace while sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge with colleagues. The course contains 5 pre-recorded Webinar sessions available online, approximately 1 hour each. There is also 1 pre-scheduled, live Webinar session at the end of the course (Scheduled for Thursday, September 27 at 2 p.m. ET.) The course is flexible, allowing busy professionals to log in and work at any hour of the day or night.

This course includes 6 learning modules. It is anticipated that the homework assignments for each module will take up to 2 hours of concentrated work to complete.

Registration ends on Wednesday, August 15. To register for this course, email the following information to POTM@easterseals.com:

Mailing address
Phone number
Job Title
Email address

Registrants will receive information about how to join the course via e-mail on or before the start date of the course (Monday, August 20).

For more information on this course, visit this website or contact the course instructor Kristi McLaughlin, by email or 800-659-6428.