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Accommodations on the Job Scenario Clinic

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Description: A Northeast ADA Center Webinar

Since 1990, when the ADA was passed, employers have been required to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with covered disabilities.  Though many employers understand the basics of their legal obligations around accommodation, they may struggle with applying accommodation processes in real life in the workplace.  This interactive webinar will include an exploration of some everyday dilemmas around the accommodation process by examining actual accommodation scenarios.  These scenarios will touch upon a range of legal, human and practical issues related to accommodations.  What constitutes an “accommodation request?”  What is a “good faith effort” to engage in the interactive process? What if an accommodation doesn’t work?  What about leave and re-assignment? What role should managers/supervisors play in the accommodation process?  What happens when a job or role changes?  During this session, we will consider real-life scenarios touching upon these questions.  Then we will explore possible response options, considering the consequences of possible actions. 

Presented by: Hannah Rudstam