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Creating Disability Inclusive Workplaces

Date: Monday, May 12, 2014
Description: Online Training with Susanne Bruyere

The low labor force participation rate of people with disabilities, and the charges of employment disability discrimination evident in many countries, suggest that much still needs to be done to create more disability inclusive workplaces. This webinar will identify, from  related current Cornell University related research, employer good practices that signal to those looking for employment that employment settings area “disability friendly,” and thereby encourage applicants who are individuals with disabilities. Ways to better assure equitable advancement and meaningful inclusion in the workplace, once hired, will also be discussed, including ways to minimize stereotyping, exclusion, and the micro aggressions that can contribute to a worker’s sense of being devalued and marginalized in a workplace.

Participants will learn:

  • What current data tell us about areas where individuals with disabilities perceive workplace exclusion occurring;
  • Ways to measure workplace inclusion;
  • Workplace policies that contribute to a disability inclusive-inclusive environment;
  • The critical role supervisors play in creating a disability inclusive environment; and
  • Implications for employment and disability researchers, services providers, and employers