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FDWC NEWS HOUR Broadcast: Ensure Productivity: Reasonable Accommodation Procedures

Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Description: The NASA Success Story - Register today!

NASA's approach to reasonable accommodations will be highlighted in this FDWC NewsHour Success Story.

You will be introduced to video and text detailing the NASA approach to Reasonable Accommodations, one of the key elements of best practice as outlined in the Federal Framework.

In addition, David Powell, EEO Specialist, Johnson Space Center, NASA,  will provide an interview on this important topic. 

Representatives from the Job Accommodation Network, JAN , will share resources available to help all federal agencies Ensure Productivity through Reasonable Accommodation Procedures.

A flyer with more information may be found by going to the Resources tab, clicking on Documents, and navigating to the flyer in the Events folder.