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This section provides basic information regarding key Federal resources that will assist with the employment of people with disabilities in the Federal government.

Schedule A Hiring Authority

Human Resources / Human Capital (HR) professionals know first hand how lengthy and somewhat tedious the federal hiring process can be. Diligent efforts by HR to assist a 'customer' โ€“ whether that customer is a federal manager with a vacancy or an applicant looking for a position โ€“ are not always enough to get things done quickly. As noted by the Merit Systems Protection Board in its report entitled Reforming Federal Hiring -- Beyond Faster and Cheaper (September 2006), it takes an average of 102 days to complete all of the steps in the competitive hiring process, from making the request to making the appointment. No one delights in the prospect of spending three plus months trying to fill a position. Further, HR professionals know that plenty of promising candidates are lost because they can not wait months for a hiring decision.

Over the years, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has introduced different hiring authorities to assist in streamlining the hiring process. One such hiring authority is Schedule A. Schedule A is an Excepted Service appointing authority which may be used to hire individuals with disabilities.

Schedule A hiring can be quick and efficient, as long as all parties know what is required. This quick reference guide seeks to provide HR professionals with the tools needed to process Schedule A appointments. Using the Schedule A appointing authority, found at 5 CFR ยง 213.3102(u), qualified candidates who meet OPM's guidelines can be hired non-competitively โ€“

  • without the typical recruitment headaches;
  • without posting and publicizing the position; and
  • without going through the certificate process.


The ABCs of Schedule A - For the Program Manager and/or Selective Placement Coordinator http://www1.eeoc.gov//eeoc/initiatives/lead/abc_ada_program_manager.cfm?renderforprint=1

The ABCs of Schedule A - For the Human Resources Professional http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/initiatives/lead/abc_hr_professional.cfm

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