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Appointment of Persons with Disabilities in Federal Jobs
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is issuing a final regulation regarding the excepted service appointments of persons with mental retardation, severe physical disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities. The regulation improves the Federal Government"s ability to hire persons with these disabilities. It is designed to remove barriers and increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Certification of Disability for Schedule A Hires
Examples of documents agencies may accept as proof of intellectual disability, a severe physical disability or a psychiatric disability for the purpose of a Schedule A appointment to a federal job.

Disability is Diversity: Effective Hiring Practices for Federal Employers
This research-to-practice brief from EARN describes the diversity requirements and initiatives unique to the federal government. In addition, it reviews relevant research to provide recommendations to federal employers seeking to recruit and promote employees with disabilities.

Federal Register Notice regarding EEOC's proposed Applicant Flow Form
This Notice concerns revising the form (OMB No. 3046-0046) for the use by federal agencies in gathering data on the race, ethnicity, and sex of job applicants. This form is used by EEOC and other agencies to gauge progress and trends over time with respect to equal employment opportunity goals. The revision would add disability status of applicants to the collection, thereby allowing the agencies and EEOC to track progress toward meeting the recruitment and hiring strategies developed pursuant to EO 13548. The race and ethnicity categories in this form are consistent with the standards set by the Office of Management and Budget. Proposed Form:

Four Steps to Filling Vacancies Fast with Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
This document by the Department of Transportation's Disability Resource Center describes four basic steps to filling vacancies with qualified individuals with disabilities. A great operational guide for federal agencies.

OPM: Excepted Service Appointing Authorities
This Office of Personnel Management web page provides information on excepted service hiring authorities. Excepted service hiring authorities allow agencies to fill special jobs or to fill any job in unusual or special circumstances under "Schedules A, B, and C." These excepted service authorities enable agencies to hire when it is not feasible or not practical to use traditional competitive hiring procedures and can streamline hiring.

OPM: Federal Hiring Flexibilities Resource Center
This OPM guide provides information on using Federal Hiring Flexibilities, Appointing Veterans, the Direct-Hire Authority, Student Employment, Excepted Service and Category Rating. This resource page offers information on the hiring of people with disabilities through Schedule A and the Veterans Hiring Preference for federal agencies.

OPM: Vet Guide on the Veterans' Hiring Preference
This Office of Personnel Management guide provides information on the federal Veterans Hiring Preference.

OPM's Federal Recruitment Resources
There are many organizations that can serve as sources of candidates with disabilities who are ready to work. When agencies are working with these organizations to identify candidates, agencies should clearly identify the qualifications needed for the jobs they are filling. Agencies should inform the organization that a person with a disability must receive a certification of disability from the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency or the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive a Schedule A appointment leading to a continuing position. This section describes recruiting sources for candidates with disabilities.

Schedule A
This resource includes the text of Schedule A, Schedule B, and Schedule C legislation, which is the federal government's appointing authority for people with disabilities. Because of this legislation, people with disabilities may apply for non-competitive appointment for jobs. To apply, they must provide proof of their disabilities and certifications of job readiness.

Schedule A for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities
This Fact Sheet provides tips on understanding and utilizing Schedule A, a hiring authority that federal agencies can use to accelerate hiring of individuals with disabilities.

Selective Placement Program Coordinator (SPPC)
This resource provides information about Agency Selective Placement Program Coordinators (SPPC). Most Federal agencies have a SPCC, a Special Emphasis Manager for employment of adults with disabilities, or equivalent, who helps agency management recruit, hire and accommodate people with disabilities at that agency.

Special Federal Hiring Authority for Individuals with Disabilities
This video explains, how to apply for Federal jobs, using a special hiring authority known as "Schedule A." For individuals with disabilities

The ABCs of Schedule A - For the Hiring Manager
This resource outlines the Schedule A Hiring Authority and employment process for Federal Hiring Managers.

The ABCs of Schedule A - For the Human Resources Professional
This resource outlines the Schedule A Hiring Authority and employment process for Human Resources Professionals within the Federal Government.

The ABCs of Schedule A - For the Program Manager and/or Selective Placement Coordinator
This resource outlines the Schedule A Hiring Authority and employment process for Federal Program Managers and Selective Placement Coordinators.

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