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Employer Tips on Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities
Employers are as perplexed by the social aspects of interviewing someone with a disability as they are by the legal concerns. Here are some basic guidelines for keeping a job interview focused on the applicants qualifications.

Focus on Ability: Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities
Here is some information that may assist employers in ensuring maximum benefit from an interview when the person being interviewed happens to have a disability.

How Employers Gain Access to Talent with Brain Injuries
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) explores methods to reach out to job candidates with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Interviewing People with Disabilities
This link provides brief guidelines for interviewing persons with different forms of disabilities.

Tips for interviewing people with disabilities
This link provides suggestions for each step of the interview process.

Tips for Recruiting
This resource from EARN describes various issues associated with hiring and interviewing candidates with disabilities, possible pre-employment accommodation requests, and communication tips for interviewing people with disabilities.

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