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Certification of Disability for Schedule A Hires
Examples of documents agencies may accept as proof of intellectual disability, a severe physical disability or a psychiatric disability for the purpose of a Schedule A appointment to a federal job.

Disability is Diversity: Effective Hiring Practices for Federal Employers
This research-to-practice brief from EARN describes the diversity requirements and initiatives unique to the federal government. In addition, it reviews relevant research to provide recommendations to federal employers seeking to recruit and promote employees with disabilities.

Four Steps to Filling Vacancies Fast with Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
This document by the Department of Transportation's Disability Resource Center describes four basic steps to filling vacancies with qualified individuals with disabilities. A great operational guide for federal agencies.

Job Accommodation Network Federal Winter Webcast 2013 Series
JAN provided these 1.5 hour Webcast sessions beginning with the first week of January 2013. The three part series covered the hiring and employment of people with disabilities in the Federal government and the reasonable accommodation process. This archive provides audience members access to the recorded trainings.

OPM: Federal Hiring Flexibilities Resource Center
This OPM guide provides information on using Federal Hiring Flexibilities, Appointing Veterans, the Direct-Hire Authority, Student Employment, Excepted Service and Category Rating. This resource page offers information on the hiring of people with disabilities through Schedule A and the Veterans Hiring Preference for federal agencies.

Schedule A
This resource includes the text of Schedule A, Schedule B, and Schedule C legislation, which is the federal government's appointing authority for people with disabilities. Because of this legislation, people with disabilities may apply for non-competitive appointment for jobs. To apply, they must provide proof of their disabilities and certifications of job readiness.

Schedule A for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities
This Fact Sheet provides tips on understanding and utilizing Schedule A, a hiring authority that federal agencies can use to accelerate hiring of individuals with disabilities.

Tips for Applicants with Disabilities on Getting Federal Jobs

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