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A Framework of Emergency Preparedness Guidelines
This guide, developed by a committee of federal agencies, provides practical guidelines to help emergency managers and employees plan for workplace emergencies.

Accommodation and Compliance Series:Employers' Guide to Including Employees with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans
Interest in emergency evacuation planning has increased dramatically over the last decade. The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) continues to receive calls from employers requesting information about their legal obligation to develop emergency evacuation plans and how to include employees with disabilities in such plans. This publication addresses these issues.

Aiding Individuals with Service Animals During an Emergency
This addendum provides guidelines to ensure that the individual with a disability, the animal and the emergency personnel can work in concert with each other to get the employee to safety during an emergency without jeopardizing the safety of the animal.

Fact Sheet on Emergency Alert Systems
This fact sheet describes the various types of emergency alert systems that are currently available, including the “standard” personal emergency response system (PERS) and related options and alternatives. It also discusses issues involved in selecting a system, and provides a list of equipment manufacturers and monitoring services with their full contact information.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides mobile notifications
FEMA uses numerous digital communication channels and tools as part of our mission to provide information to the public before, during, and after a disaster. This page outlines all of the official communication accounts and resources. FEMA's mobile resources include a mobile website, a smartphone app and text message updates.

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities
The Fire Administration encourages individuals with special needs to read and use the fire safety tips on this Web page to help protect themselves from fire.

Fire Safety for Wheelchair Users at Home and Work
By understanding their special evacuation needs, people with mobility impairments and first responders can improve their chances of evacuating their workplace or home safely. This brochure will emphasize the evacuation protocol for wheelchair users from these two areas.

Fire Safety Tips: A Comprehensive Resource
This resource lists fire safety tips that an employer should enforce in his or her building. It includes specific accommodations that should be made for persons with disabilities, such as audible smoke alarms for the visually impaired.

Stairwell Use During an Emergency
This addendum provides addtional guidelines for serving individuals with disabilities during an emergency which involves use of stairs or stairwells.

TTY in Emergency Situations
Guidelines from the National Association of the Deaf on using TTY during emergency situations.

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