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A Toolkit for Establishing and Maintaining Successful Employee Resource Groups
This informational toolkit was prepared in recognition of the increasing number of federal employers expressing an interest in developing or enhancing Disability Employee Resource Groups. This Toolkit outlines Twelve Steps on how to start, implement, and maintain Disability Employee Resource Groups and learn from the success of others.

Build the Pipeline: Outreach and Recruitment
In the 2012 report, Federal Agency Employment Strategies: A Framework for Disability Inclusion, the Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor outlines federal best practices for recruiting, hiring, and advancing people with disabilities. The Build the Pipeline recommendation is all about developing relationships with a variety of sources to attain a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates, including people with disabilities. Creating a pool of highly qualified candidates involves making the proper internal and external connections, conducting targeted outreach, and discussing the results of your efforts. The New Mexico Business Leadership Network NMBLN) is an affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network. In 2011 the NMBLN helped representatives from three federal agencies to form Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), with the goal of increasing federal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This section combines the recommendations from Build the Pipeline with quotes and videos from the New Mexico federal partners.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government
DHHIG is a national non-profit organization that empowers Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federal Employees to overcome communication barriers, resolve accessibility issues, and promote a fully inclusive work environment through networking and fostering professional growth.

Disability Employee Resource Groups
This Diversity Journal article offers comprehensive information about Disability Employee Resource Groups; framing them as tremendous assets for companies that are able to connect the Group focus to the overall business goals and objectives of the company.

Disability Focused Employee Resource Groups: Strategies and Best Practices
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have become an invaluable tool for attracting and retaining diverse talent and gaining access to new customer markets. This webinar provides information on disability-focused ERGs and the value they bring to organizations. Presenters offer strategies and best practices and describe how utilizing ERGs enhanced their recruitment, community relations, and other business initiatives.

Diversity Best Practices: Top Five Employee Resource Groups
This Diversity Best Practices article describes the top 5 most popular Employee Resource Groups in the US. Disability Employee Resource Groups are highly popular (ranking 5th nationwide), with 46% of companies surveyed offering this type of affinity group.

Employee Resource Groups 101
In this Diversity, Inc. video, David Casey, vice president and diversity officer at CVS Caremark, discusses the case for Employee Resource Groups and gives a step-by-step guide to setting up groups; including charters, employee engagement and veterans‘ groups.

Federal Employees with Disabilities (FEDs)- Organization
Established in 2012 by experts in the field, FEDs is a private membership organization committed to ensuring the rights, privileges, benefits and opportunities of people with disabilities employed by the Federal government are equal to those of their Federal sector peers. Its members recognize the urgent need for a unified, grassroots response to the widespread, continuous employment challenges faced by people with disabilities. FEDs, as such, plays an essential role in removing these barriers and promoting equality in all aspects of Federal employment, including hiring, retention and advancement.

Guide to Affinity Groups & Strategic Education Partnerships
This resources provides a directory of federal affinity groups

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