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Activities to promote diversity
Taken from the toolkit for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, these are some suggested activities for employers.

Build the Pipeline: Outreach and Recruitment
In the 2012 report, Federal Agency Employment Strategies: A Framework for Disability Inclusion, the Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor outlines federal best practices for recruiting, hiring, and advancing people with disabilities. The Build the Pipeline recommendation is all about developing relationships with a variety of sources to attain a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates, including people with disabilities. Creating a pool of highly qualified candidates involves making the proper internal and external connections, conducting targeted outreach, and discussing the results of your efforts. The New Mexico Business Leadership Network NMBLN) is an affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network. In 2011 the NMBLN helped representatives from three federal agencies to form Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), with the goal of increasing federal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This section combines the recommendations from Build the Pipeline with quotes and videos from the New Mexico federal partners.

Business & Disability: Integration of People with Disabilities
This video, featuring Randy Lewis, Senior VP of Distribution and Logistics at Walgreens, discusses improved employee engagement as a result of a disability inclusive program at a distribution center.

Disabilities Guidebook: Job Discrimination by Federal Agencies
This resource explains how a federal employee would file a charge against the government through Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Employee Engagement
This resource from EARN describes the benefits of employee engagement and offers a number of strategies to increase employee engagement in the workplace.

Engaged Employees
This article by the Department of Employment and Economic Development of Minnesota explains how employees with disabilities can improve overall employee engagement at your organization and create an inclusive culture.

Facts About the Americans with Disabilities Act
Federal Workers are protected by the ADA's nondiscrimination standards though the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 501.

Implementing Inclusive Employment Policies and Practices
This research-to-practice brief from EARN discusses how employers can increase the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace and provides concrete recommendations for human resource professionals and managers.

What can YOU do? Outreach toolkit
This is a general outreach toolkit designed for all employees to utilize in their workplaces. The message of the campaign is that, at work, it's what people CAN do that matters.

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